4 Tips to buying shoes on the Internet

The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. In minutes and with a simple click you can buy any product from the comfort of your home, and in a matter of days receive it at your doorstep. While shopping online has its advantages, buying shoes without trying them on and without touching the material can be quite a challenge. To have a better experience when buying shoes on the Internet, we recommend you follow the following recommendations. Read more at woman shoes!

Look at the brand

If it is the first time you order a product of that brand, make sure it has a good track record and reputation. Do your homework and search the internet for comments and experiences from other users to give you an idea of what you are buying.

Know your size

This may sound obvious, but it is a very important point to consider when buying your shoes online as sizes may vary slightly between brands. To help you choose the right size, we recommend that you calculate the correct size. If you are not sure how to do this, check it out before.

Put your foot (with the sock you would wear with the shoe you want to buy) on a blank sheet of paper.
Use a pencil to mark the tip of your big toe and your heel on the sheet. Then with a tape measure, measure the distance between the two points (inches or INCHES). Compare that number with the size chart that online stores usually have on their site.

Know what they are made of

Since you can’t physically see the shoes, it’s hard to know if the quality is good, so we recommend you choose leather, so it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

What are the advantages of leather shoes? Read on.

  • Although leather is a hard material, shoes made of this material soften and fit the shape of your foot offering comfort and flexibility.
  • Also, while they are said to be more expensive than those made from other materials, when you buy leather you are buying premium quality. Your leather shoes will last for years, which makes the cost/wear ratio minimal.
  • Also, leather is a material that does not require much maintenance and is easy to clean.
  • Finally, leather shoes never go out of style!
  • Look for all the details about the product and make sure you know what you are ordering to avoid disappointment. This information can be found in the product «description».

Read the conditions for changes and returns

Although most online stores accept returns, it is important to know the rules because the time and cost of shipping may vary depending on the brand. We recommend that you try them on as soon as you receive them so that if they do not work for you, you can return or exchange them within the stipulated time.


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